Drone Photography & UAV Monitoring Service


Our Phantom 4 Pro professional UAV drone, affectionately known as Eristalis tenax (E.T. for short) is the newest member of our team. Capable of capturing HD video and aerial imagery taken from up to 400ft altitude, our drone is well equipped to produce imagery and footage in stunning detail to meet the needs of a range projects. The on-board 20-megapixel camera is capable of Burst Mode stills at 14fps due to a custom engineered lens and mechanical shutter. The camera is equipped with powerful video processing providing high definition 4K/60fps video. Flights can be programmed for close up, 3D and whole site imagery. Drones are a wonderful tool for planning, monitoring and evidencing change, be it site developments, habitat restoration work or for species counts.


With use of image stitching software we are able to produce both panoramic and orthomosaic imagery, this delivers whole site birds-eye views of sites with high definition detail. As GIS specialists, we can also deliver images as geolocated flat GIS layers as well as the use of drone imagery for delivery of habitat or archaeological site mapping projects.


Our operators are fully trained, commercially licenced and insured to fly; please contact us at nbrc@northantsbrc.org.uk to discuss booking the team for your aerial photography and footage needs. This service is chargeable at a rate of £500 +VAT per day plus travel.  We will provide you with a quote based on site size and your post production requirements for imagery and film. Please note timing of bookings are weather dependant and we will require permissions from landowners to be provided before commencement of pre-flight planning.