Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre

Standard Data Search

Data search map example
Data search map example

A standard NBRC data search for a given area will provide a map and a report (PDF) including:

  • Location of statutory sites that have been designated as; Special Protected Areas (SPAs), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), National Nature Reserves (NNRs) or Local Nature Reserves (LNRs).
  • Location and where available, descriptions of non-statutory sites that have been designated as Local Wildlife Sites (LWS), Protected Wildflower Verges (PWV), Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves, Local Geological Sites (LGS), Pocket Parks, Important Invertebrate Areas (IIA) and Potential Wildlife Sites (PWS).
  • Lists of protected and notable species records (including red data book and Biodiversity Action Plan species) with dates and spatial references.


Please use the Information Request Form and email, fax or post it to our team for a quote using the details on our Contact us page.

The majority of data searches are provided as a commercial report.  This service is charged at the rate of £145 per hour (+VAT).  We charge to cover our centre costs on a  non-profit basis.  We will provide you with a quote before proceeding.  We quote our hourly charge on the basis of the number of sites within the requested search area.  This reflects our staff time in the maintenance of our information and retrieval of that information for a report, thus some 2km searches will be charged at an hour and some central point 1km searches will be charged for 2 hours.  1km and 2km standard central point searches are capped at 2 hours.  We quote for non-standard boundary searches at the commercial rate.

Commercial requests include consultants, funded researchers, parish plans & sponsored projects. This charge is made to support the NBRC database and our work to ensure up to date and accurate information. At our discretion, charges may be waived for non-commercial users (such as unfunded students and natural history groups) with proof of non-commercial status.

We usually complete data searches within 10 working days, although you can request a fast-track service at an additional charge. To request information from NBRC please download and fill in our Information Request Form.

Once completed, please e-mail the form to us or fax or post it using the details on our Contact us page.