Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre


NBRC team at the NBRC conference 2019
NBRC team

Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre is the county's biological and geological information centre. It was created in 2006 with support from statutory and non-governmental organisations.

Today, NBRC provides access to information about species, habitats and designated wildlife and geological sites for public, research and commercial users. The data we hold originates from sources including local voluntary recorders and various organisations.

We encourage biological recording in all its forms, promote the need for biodiversity information in decision making in relation to conservation, sustainable development and natural capital stewardship for the benefit of all.

NBRC is run on a non-profit basis and hosted by the Wildlife Trust BCN. Its operations are overseen and guided by a Steering Group comprising representatives of a range of local stakeholder groups with varied interests in different aspects of biological recording, data curation and biodiversity information use across the county.

NBRC is proud to be part of the National Biodiversity Network, a family of partners and projects across the UK, to be a member of the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres and, locally, to belong to the Northamptonshire Local Nature Partnership and the county's Biodiversity Action Plan partnership.