Look out for River Mammals!

European Water Vole. Photo: Tom MarshallWildlife Trust BCN

Welcome to the Wildlife Trust for Bedforshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire River Mammal Survey hosted by Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre (NBRC).


We need your help to find water voles, otters and mink...

If you live in the Nene Valley, how many times have you thought any of the following: “Otters are everywhere” “Water voles have virtually disappeared” “There seems to be loads of mink around”?

There is truth behind these statements, which we know from looking at national trends. However, it is important to start gathering data to support these statements and fully understand the extent to which they are true in our local area. We also need to collect this data so we can target our conservation efforts effectively, particularly when it comes to the case of one of our most at risk and enigmatic species: the water vole.


We need your help

To do this, we are launching a Water Vole, Otter, and Mink Survey Project in the Nene Valley and would like you to be involved.




The project aims to understand the distribution of these species across the Nene Valley with the secondary objective of improving the situation for water voles by boosting habitat connectivity.

In its first year, the project will initially focus around Summer LeysNene Wetlands, and Barnwell local wildlife site; once the project is established we can move on to surveying other areas.


Training for volunteers

We have held two survey-training workshops in the first week of April to train volunteers to identify signs and how to record.

However if you are still interested in the project but missed the initial workshops please get in touch as we will be holding the occasional workshop throughout and after the survey season.


Get in touch

If you are interested in participating then please contact the Water for Wildlife Officer in Northamptonshire Lewis Dickinson at lewis.dickinson@wildlifebcn.org for further details.


Making Sightings

European otter.  Photo: Terry Longley & seeing.org


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If you have any additional information about your sighting, such as if the otter spraint is old or fresh or if the mammal you see is an adult or young, please put this information down in the comments box. This will help build our picture of the species we are looking for across the valley.




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