Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre

Look out for Ponds!

Ponds are a supporting habitat for a wide variety of species, both as a home, a resource and migratory pathway. By enhancing the available knowledge through this survey we inform decision making at landscape scale for species protection.

Standard Data Search

A standard NBRC data search for a given area will provide a map and a report (PDF) including:

  • Location of statutory sites that have been designated as; Special Protected Areas (SPAs), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), National Nature Reserves (NNRs) or Local Nature Reserves (LNRs).
  • Location and where available, descriptions of non-statutory sites that have been designated as Local Wildlife Sites (LWS), Protected Wildflower Verges (PWV), Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves, Local Geological Sites (LGS), Pocket Parks, Important Invertebrate Areas (IIA) and Potential Wildlife Sites (PWS).
  • Lists of protected and notable species records (including red data book and Biodiversity Action Plan species) with dates and spatial references.


Data search map example

Look out for Badgers!

Badger group image

We need your help to find Badgers!

NBRC are hosting the Northamptonshire Badger Group survey.

This group holds records of badger activity across the county, provides advice and organises rescue and rehabilitation.  Your help is needed to increase and update their records.  As a small community group, they rely on volunteers and members of the public to report badger information.  Records of badger activity in the southern half of the county are particlularly needed.

For more information about how you can help and submit your records, please visit our Look out for Badgers survey page.

Personal Details

Please provide your first name


Please provide your surname


Please provide your email address. This will only be used to contact you if we require further information to verify the record.

You are submitting a record of Meles meles

Enter the recorder's name, if different


What signs did you see that indicated presence?


How certain of this identification are you?


If anyone helped with the identification please enter their name here

Please add any additional information you feel would be useful. This could include; hair seen, scratch marks, worn pathways, age (adult/juvenile), number seen, activity of mammal when seen etc.


Enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format or select the date of the record.


Please provide the location name. This could be the name of a village, town, parish, nature reserve, wood etc. Do not enter a postal address as the information you provide will be visible to others.

Further details about where the sighting was within the main location, e.g. a road name, footpath, a compartment of a wood, or area of a nature reserve.

NB: All badger records will be blurred to 10km and the original grid reference supplied/location will not be visible to other users. Please supply a six figure grid reference as a minimum

Or simply click on your rough position on the map.