NBRC services

NBRC will be expanding its services over the coming years.

We presently provide a data request service to make biodiversity & geodiversity data available to a wide range of users.

A standard NBRC data search for a given area will provide a map and a report including the :

  • location of designated statutory sites
  • location and (where available) details  for non-statutory sites designated as; Local Wildlife Sites, Potential Wildlife Sites, Protected Wildflower Verges, Wildlife Trust Reserves, Local Geological Sites and Pocket Parks.

  • lists of protected and notable species records with dates and spatial references.


To request information from NBRC please download and fill in our Information Request Form.

Once completed, please e-mail the form to us or fax or post it using the details on our Contact us page. 

If you have other requirements or are likely to do so in future, please let us know.